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English for Academic Purposes. An EAP program aims to teach English language skills as well as help students develop necessary academic study skills for a future in an academic program.


English as a Foreign Language. A program for students learning English in their native country where English is not spoken (e.g., Korean students learning English in South Korea, or Polish students learning English in Poland).


A technique that involves drawing language from students rather than giving it to them.


A term used in the field of linguistics that refers to the natural omission or “skipping” of sounds in fluent spoken language.


English Language Learner.


English Language Teaching.


Although the educator may not be familiar with the ESL student’s culture or language, a strong attempt must be made to validate the student’s first language. It is very important that the teacher of an ESL learner empathize with the student’s position. The instructor should try to imagine what the ESL student is experiencing after being immersed in a new culture and new language for the first time.

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